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.DETI Experience at the Cyber Security Forum 2017


The Cyber Security Forum 2017 took place on February 7, in Moscow. Its main aim is interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange of experience in the field of information security, identification of best practices in the areas of technologies, legislation, and digital literacy.

.DETI representatives were active participants in the CSF2017. Denis Zhilin, Marketing Director, spoke about implementing the malware monitoring system in the domain zone. “Monitoring system functions 24/7. It allows detecting the so called inappropriate content. When the Abuse Team receives a report from the system about incidents, the representative specialists check each case and if the system gets proof they send a ticket to website’s owner to remove the problem.

As of now, the .DETI domain zone is one of the safest places in the internet today. We are very proud of it and invite everybody living and working for the welfare of children to use these domain’s opportunities.