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. Celebrates Its Birthday


On February 26, the Cyrillic domain . (dot DETI, which means Children) celebrated its 9th birthday. The first addresses in the domain were registered in 2014. Since then, it has opened hundreds of websites aimed primarily at children and adolescents, as well as their parents and educators. Websites in the . also host online stores and commercial projects aimed at novice Internet users.

A complete catalog of the best websites with addresses in . is available on the official website of the domain. Now the catalog contains about 150 resources of various subjects and purposes: from websites of kindergartens and sports schools to educational applications and the media. For the birthday of the ., the catalog has been updated - it includes 30 new resources, including:

  • digital platform to help with homework . (homework dot deti)
  • website of the all-russian children's center "Smena" in Anapa .
  • a program of psychological help for teenagers and a guide to growing up -. (I-can dot deti)
  • navigator of services for visually impaired preschool children in St. Petersburg . (to see dot deti)
  • children's contest combining traditional beekeeping and digital technology . (kind bee dot deti)

Recall that the mission of the . is to create an Internet space of trust, increase the digital literacy of children and adolescents, and also collect high-quality Internet content on one site. Another important task of . is to make children's online experience comfortable and safe. Harmful content is monitored continuously, 365 days a year, in order to combat "malware" on websites functioning under the domain.

Registering a primary or additional address for a website in . means becoming a part of the positive space of the Runet, as well as getting the opportunity to get into the directory of the best . websites. It is very simple to do this - just contact one of the registrars accredited in the domain.

The administrator of the . is the Smart Internet Foundation, established in 2012 by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.. The Foundation is engaged in the development of the children's Internet in Russia and the support of humanitarian projects in the worldwide network.

More information about the Foundation's projects, the . domain, events and research in the field of children's Internet can be found on the pages of "Smart Journal". News from the . domain and its friends is also available on the community pages on VKontakte.