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. domain celebrates its fourth anniversary


On February 27, the Cyrillic domain . (which means “children”in Russian) celebrated its fourth anniversary. The first websites in this domain were registered in 2014, and since that time hundreds of .websites have joined ., which are mostly aimed at children and teenagers, as well as at their parents and teachers.

. has implemented the idea of a special separate internet space for young users which is free of various internet threats, including technical, communication and content dangers.

The mission of the . domain is to establish a trusted internet environment, to boost the digital literacy of children and teenagers, and to consolidate high-quality internet content on one platform.

Another important task of . is to make the internet safe and friendly for children. The sites operating in this domain fight malicious programs and vulnerabilities with the help of a software system for monitoring malicious activities and unfavorable content that operates 24/7 all year round.

By registering the main or additional address for your website in the . domain, you can become a part of this positive environment within the Russian internet, and enter the Best Websites for Children Catalogue. It is very easy to do so: you just need to contact one of the domain’s accredited registrars.

The administrator of the . domain is the Smart Internet Foundation, which was established in 2012 by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.. The foundation develops the children’s internet in Russia and supports humanitarian projects on the web.

You can find more information on the foundation’s projects, the . domain, as well as news and research in the field of the children’s internet on the pages of Smart Journal.