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Dialogue online


The . domain and projects implemented in the children's Internet space were presented at a conference for teachers, which took place in Vladimir

On February 27, Vladimir hosted the VIII Interregional Conference "Dialogue online - Actual Security Issues in the Global Information Environment", organized by the Vladimir Regional Library for Children and Youth in cooperation with the Vladimir Institute for the Development of Education named after L.I. Novikova.

Students, young people, specialists working with children and young people, educators and information security specialists were participants of the Conference. The Conference discussed modern methods and measures for information security, responsible and safe use of digital technologies, as well as regulation of the information sphere.

The speakers, psychologists, sociologists, educators, authoritative experts and leading scientists in the field of information security, child safety in the infocommunication environment, modern ICT and digital technologies, spoke about how modern infocommunication technologies affect the safety, lifestyle, upbringing and personal development of the younger generation.

The Conference was opened by Evgeny Pankov, Head of Special Projects of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/., which established the Smart Internet Foundation (. domain registry).

Evgeny noted the importance of increasing digital competence and media literacy in the field of cybersecurity among teachers and school psychologists. He also spoke about the role of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/. in the process of formation the information culture of Russian Internet users, including children and teenagers.

In particular, Evgeny presented the Cyrillic . domain as a safe Internet space for hosting children's and teenage websites, as well as resources for parents and teachers. A monitoring system is configured in the domain zone, which allows to quickly identify and to eliminate vulnerabilities and negative content from websites with an address in..

Today, the catalogue of the best websites . has about 150 resources of different thematic focus: from educational applications and children's media to online stores as well as websites of leisure institutions in different parts of Russia.