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Digital socialization of children and adults


The . domain was presented to the participants of the scientific and practical conference held to discuss cybersecurity and digital transformation of the world

The fourth annual interregional scientific and practical conference Digital socialization of children and adults: transformation of the picture of the world and security issues was held on psychology faculty of MSU, Russia.

The conference opened the Safety Runet Week 2020 - a series of events timed to coincide with the International Safer Internet Day, established in 2004 by the European Commission.

Representatives of the Smart Internet Foundation, which acts as an administrator of the . domain, were also invited to participate in the conference.

In their report, they talked about the Internet space of trust, which is formed thanks to projects that have chosen primary or additional addresses for their websites in the Cyrillic domain ..

The fact is that all resources in . domain participate in a two-stage monitoring system, which allows to identify and to fix quickly vulnerabilities and negative content that appears on the websites in the children's domain zone. Thus, the Internet resources in . always remain safe and comfortable to use.

At the moment, the catalogue of the best websites in the domain . contains more than 150 resources, including the magazine ., the interactive book ., the educational application for reading , a guide to children's literature ., an aggregator of children's travel packages ., a guide to additional education ., children's search engine ., a shop for creativity and many others.