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First results of Childrens Runet survey


On November 21-23, the 11th Russian Internet Week (RIW 2018) was held in Moscow, and representatives of the . domain registry (the Smart Internet Foundation) participated.

Viktoria Bunchuk, the foundations project manager, presented a report in the section Protecting children from information threats on the internet, with criteria for positive content to create a safe and developing media environment for minors. The criteria were developed within the Childrens Information Security Working Group of the Civil Council under the Presidential Commissioner for Childrens Rights.  

The NEXT Generation conference was another event held at RIW 2018. It is a practice-oriented platform that brings together children, teachers, the IT industry and government bodies. The event was organized by the Moscow Information Technology Department and the New Technology School urban project.

At the conferences pedagogic day, a presentation was given on the first results of the Childrens Runet survey designed to form a basic and regular package of tools to evaluate the development of Runet for children. The survey was carried out with support from the Smart Internet Foundation.

For example, the survey showed that 93 percent of children aged 511 use the internet; at 57, they spend 39 percent of their time online, and the number grows to 55 percent by 811. Almost 60 percent of children less than 11 years old have a device with internet access; most often (67 percent) a smartphone.

It is noteworthy that children aged 811, began to navigate the internet by themselves when they were 6 or 7, and children aged 57, at 3 or 4.

The survey also showed what protection from internet threats was the most popular among families with children aged less than 11. Antivirus software installed on a computer is the most popular (63 percent), followed by safe search and joint navigation (social networks, videos, and online games 23 percent) and a preliminary check of websites intended for children (20 percent).

The full version of the survey will be presented at Runet 2018: Results of the Year event this December and then posted on organizer and partner websites.