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Internet security lesson at .


On October 30, 2017 Russian schools organized an Internet security lesson aimed at raising the digital literacy level, in particular, teaching students the safe use of the web, privacy when using information technology, and protection from adverse content and malware.

The nationwide awareness project was traditionally organized by the Federation Council Interim Commission for Information Society Development and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science. More than 12.4 million schoolchildren across the country took part in the Single Internet Security Lesson.

Each participant of the project could take a test on .to assess their level as confident internet users.

One of the video lessons was prepared by the organizers of the nationwide project, in particular, Chairperson of the Interim Commission for Information Society Development, Lyudmila Bokova. The video explains the possible threats (malware, trolling and cyberbullying, phishing and identity theft) in a concise and accessible form, offers methods of their prevention and counteraction, and talks about the need to involve adults, including law enforcement professionals.

The organizers of the project believe the Single Internet Security Lesson has long outgrown the framework of a one-off event, and the basics of cybersecurity need to be introduced into the school curriculum as an essential subject for the training of future professionals whose work will be closely related to digital technologies and the internet.