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Junior Innovators contest: Results


A rehabilitation robot for children with disabilities named the best project

On August 31, the results of the Junior Innovators of Moscow: Innovations of the Future contest held as part of the Education City Moscow International Forum were announced.

The Smart Internet Foundation (TLD .) was the contest’s information partner.

School students in grades 511 took part in the contest. They had to develop a social and/or important project for the upgrade of Moscow. Entries were accepted in several topical areas such as robotics, information security, smart city technology, education IT and medicine.

The team of Alexei Osipov (8th grade), Arseny Cherkasov (9th grade) and Danil Titov (10th grade), who designed a rehabilitation robot for children with disabilities, won the contest.

Second place went to to 11th-graders Anna Akinina and Yekaterina Pilipenko, who designed a hand exoskeleton with a neuro- and mio-interface for people with disabilities.

The Smart Lighting project by 11th-graders Dmitry Paramonov, Dmitry Zair-Bek and Sergei Filippov won third place.

Other projects that made it to the finals include a chocolate-printing machine, a mobile mall guide, a map of the Russian regions for memory training and an intelligent energy-efficient system for Moscow transit hubs.

The winners were awarded valuable prizes, certificates and vouchers for educational programs from the contest’s partners.

The details are available at the contest’s official website: