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On the criteria for positive content


The Safety Runet Week has ended in Moscow. The criteria for determining the positivity of information products were presented at the final event: audio, video, print and digital content.

On February 18, Moscow hosted the Digital Safety Forum. This is the final event of the 13th Safety Runet Week - the main Russian event dedicated to the most current content, software and economic threats, issues of raising digital awareness, high-quality prevention of incidents, protecting the rights and freedoms of Internet users.

Among the speakers of the Forum are representatives of the digital industry and specialized authorities, creators of positive content, researchers, and workers in the field of education and upbringing, law enforcement officers, lawyers.

Representatives of the Smart Internet Foundation, which acts as an administrator of the . domain, were invited to participate in the workshop “In Search of a Positive Information Environment: New Rules and New Practices”.

The practical steps to develop positive content in the digital space, legislation on positive content and its criteria, age markings, government support measures were discussed at the workshop.

Representatives of the Foundation made a report on the criteria for positive content. Questions were also raised concerning the problems faced by websites, as well as audio, video and printed products with positive content.

For example, it turned out that positive content in the Internet is very often invisible against the background of websites with good design and bright graphics. Just because it is not well-decorated, and its authors often lack the resources to work on the design.

We need to stimulate the growth of resources with useful and safe content, but this requires a whole range of measures, the process should involve the media, socially responsible business and, of course, the state,  noted by the workshop participants.

The report also said that the Working Group on Information Security of Children under the Ombudsman for Children's Rights that includes the Smart Internet Foundation made proposals to the “Decade of Childhood” plan to revise the program of state support for positive content.

Criteria developed by the Panel are proposed to identify audio, video, print and digital products worthy of such support.