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Results of the Public Council under Russias children's rights commissioner


On December 19, the Civic Chamber of Russia hosted the final meeting of the Public Council under the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights. The leaders of its seven working groups reported on the work done in 2017. Each group has its area of responsibility, and together they cover the entire scope of issues related to the life and development of children, such as observing the rights of special needs children; protecting the family and traditional family values; preventing deviant behavior of minors and social orphan hood; post-institutional support; observing children's rights, including children without parental care, and many others.

The Working Group on Children’s Information Security, headed by coordinator of the Safer Internet Center and leading analyst of the ROCIT Regional Public Center of Internet Technologies Urvan Parfentyev, was recognized as the most effective. Project manager of the Smart Internet Foundation (of the . domain) Viktoria Bunchuk is a member of the group.

The group leads not only in the number of initiatives developed, but also the number implemented, including those incorporated into federal laws. On May 1, 2017, a provision on age labeling for audiovisual content was added to federal law No. 436-FZ.

The group also developed the Charter on Information Security for Minors, which is an IT industry self-regulation tool aimed at quickly responding to cyber bullying at the “user − service” stage.

Proposals of the children’s infosecurity working group were included in the draft Priority Action Plan for the Decade of Childhood state program. One such proposal is to change the regulations governing state support for “positive content”, and to give a clear definition of this concept, which required the elaboration of detailed criteria.

One of the group’s priorities for 2018 is protecting the personal and biometric data of minors, including on the internet of things. Another pressing issue is revoking domain names that are regularly used to traffic illegal content outside national domains. Another major area of focus is the “digitalization” of the process of helping children in difficult life situations.

The members of the Working Group who made the most significant contribution to its work received awards from the Commissioner for Children's Rights, Anna Kuznetsova, including Viktoria Bunchuk.