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RIF+KIB 2017 Results


The 21-st Russian Internet Forum RIF 2017 was held in Moscow region on April 19-21. One of its main topics was presentation with results of the digital and mobile economics of Russia research.

According to it the share of the Internet market in the country's GDP is 2.8%; Runet population is 87 mln people and 66 mln users of mobile internet. The most active users are people in the age of 12-17, the index of digital literacy of Russians has grown by 6% over the year. The number of specialists engaged in the country's IT sector is 2.3 mln people.

One of the sections of the forum was devoted to the development of the domain market in Russia. In particular, the participants discussed the pace of development of Russian-language mail in the Cyrillic top-level domains, which is also relevant for the . domain.

So, according to Andrei Vorobyov, the director of the .RU / . : "The process is rather slow, much slower than we all would like": "I believe that in the head of implementing  of IDN-mail can and should be international organizations such as ICANN, APTLD and others. In fact, we need an administrative resource at the international level now. Then everything will go much faster. "