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The Role of . domain in Cyber Hygiene


On the need to include resources created in the secure domain. in the list of so-called. "Socially significant domestic Internet services with free access" were spoken at Cyber Security Day 2020

Cyber Security Day 2020 was held in Moscow on February 11th. This is an international cybersecurity forum and the central event of the Safety Runet Week 2020. The organizers of the forum are Regional Public Center for Internet Technologies and The Russian Association for Electronic Communications.

The section “Social websites and Positive in digital: a portrait of 2020” was attended by representatives of the Smart Internet Foundation, which acts as a domain . administrator. The announcement contained important findings from the report of the Global Commission on Stability in Cyberspace, created at the initiative of the UN Secretary General, which relate to the positive Internet space.

The report of the Global Commission provides a set of recommendations of the most general nature on how to make the network safe in a variety of ways. "States must take all necessary measures, including legislation, in order to ensure compliance with the basic principles of cyber hygiene" is among them.

The idea of the importance of cyber hygiene is not new, but it is one of the first documents that says of cyber hygiene as an important part of determining the stability of cyberspace and its safe use by representatives of different social groups and ages. This is the first document that raises the problem to such a high level, when the state, in order to comply with the principles of cyber hygiene, is invited to use, among other things, legislative instruments.

The representatives of the Foundation also noted the importance of socially significant websites for ensuring cyber hygiene, i.e. Internet resources that increase media literacy, as well as warn users about various cyber threats: "For example, the ability to create and develop such resources is provided in the . domain, where a system for monitoring content and hidden vulnerabilities is, which allows sites to remain always safe."

Examples of such sites are: Roskomnadzor educational project on personal data protection .; multimedia resource ., which contains many tips on safe and ethical online behavior; -. - directory of the best sites for children of any age; and others.

 Catalogue of the best websites in the domain .

The Foundation proposed to include these resources in the list of socially significant domestic Internet services with free access, which was discussed in the Message of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly.