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TLD . in Kazakhstan


TLD . representatives took part in the TLDCON 2017.

The 10-th International conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 6-7, 2017. 140 participants from 17 countries took part in the conference, including the TLD . representatives.

The second day of the TLDCON 2017conference opened with the Educational Projects in Domain Industry session. Maria Kolesnikova (ccTLD .RU/.) spoke about projects of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/..

“Today many top level domain registries, in addition to carrying out their regular activities, are also implementing various social and educational projects. Our center is no exception. We have several such projects: the Explore the Internet & Govern It! game, DOT Journalism, Positive Content and IP&IT Law contests, as well as the . domain zone, which was created in order to build a “trust zone” of safe Internet for children. In addition, we hold seminars for government representatives, deliver lectures in universities and schools, publish study guides and educational material, and participate in various partner programs,” Kolesnikova said. According to her, the interest of school students and youngsters in these topics is growing from year to year. For instance, the number of participants in the Explore the Internet & Govern It! game has increased threefold over the past five years. The game will soon go international: it has already been translated into English, and now children from other countries will be able to participate in the game as well.

The next TLDCON will be held in Latvia in 2018.